Energy Nonsense

As evidenced here, there is much nonsense being written about energy prices. Kids, there are no magic bullets. Energy, in almost every form, is getting more expensive because more people want to use more energy and new sources of energy don’t meet the additional demand. And as energy gets more expensive, we are all forced to either use less energy or use less of something else. Energy prices change due to technological, political, and market reasons. Technology tends to drive the price down; political forces tend to drive the price up. Market forces are simply the scale where the balance is determined. Some people like to bet on the scale’s movements (energy speculators), but they don’t actually touch the scale. (Naturally, this is where the Congressional pinheads are focusing their attentions.) Deciding to restrict oil drilling for environmental reasons drives energy prices up, but a lot of people think it’s worthwhile. Inventing a cold fusion reactor or hyper-efficient solar cells would drive prices down, but advanced technologies only show up when they’re good and ready.  Turning back your air conditioner will help – and that you can do! This ain’t rocket science. If you don’t like energy prices, then use less energy. The search for villains who are causing prices to rise is a waste of time – and energy!


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