Phony Environmentalists

This analysis of the environmental movement has a lot of painful truth in it. I’m sure that there are sincere environmentalists, people who live an eco-friendly lifestyle at great personal sacrifice. But there are many more who demand 21st century comforts for themselves while depriving others of the same comforts. They may be willing to make some token sacrifices, like recycling, but aren’t committed enough to do anything meaningful. How do you identify the phony environmentalists? Here are some identifying characteristics of phony environmentalists:

  • Anyone who uses a clothes dryer rather than a clothesline
  • Anyone who uses air conditioning in their home or car
  • Anyone who eats convenience food
  • Anyone who buys bottled water, soft drinks, or beer

You get the idea. No one I know advocates wanton destruction of the environment, but I also know no one who wants to live a primitive and bestial existence – even if the price is some environmental degradation. Mankind began damaging the environment when our ancestors invented agriculture. The question isn’t whether we disturb the environment or not – the question is how and how much.


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