Why Vouchers Won’t Fly

I enjoy James Taranto’s Best Of the Web Today feature in the online WSJ. But I normally don’t like to link to it because he always discusses multiple subjects, making the links confusing. One subject in this edition was school vouchers. He offers an explanation of why school vouchers don’t get much traction with voters:

Under the current system, parents of sufficient means do exercise choice–by buying homes in areas with good public schools or, as in the Obamas’ case, by sending their children to private schools. A voucher program offers little to those who already have choice. Indeed, it threatens their interests in various ways.

If anyone is free to go to any school, a great benefit of owning a home in a suburb with superior schools vanishes–and with it, part of the home’s value. What is more, parents who have invested large sums of money keeping their kids out of failing inner-city schools do not necessarily want their taxes used to pay for inner-city children to attend their own children’s schools.

There certainly are incentives.


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