American Dream

Arnold Kling has a wry post that illustrates how markets adapt and governments don’t.

Our local public radio had an hour long call in show this morning about the economy. It was pretty much an hour long whine about how

  1. People couldn’t afford everything they want
  2. The Government ought to do something.

Ugh. As Mr. Kling’s post points out, government can do something, but it often makes matters worse. I’d go farther: the odds overwhelmingly favor making matters worse. Why does anyone take politicians seriously? Perhaps because people can’t afford everything they want and maybe, just maybe, the politicians can take someone else’s stuff and give it to them. This is increasingly becoming the American Dream.


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  1. Posted by chunque on June 10, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    This is post on gas prices. This is how markets work: like evolution, the weak get weeded out. That means they starve and die. Do you think the government will sit by and let citizens who made bad decisions when they bought big gas guzzling cars bankrupt themselves so they can drive to work? Bernacke bailed out Bear Sterns because the free market did one heck of a job correcting the excesses of the 1920s.


  2. […] I say it- the iconic, dyed in thewool liberal Barack Obama, and in the not too distant future, the American dream will be dead, and it will be your […]


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