Pick Your Targets

It’s a pleasure to find an opinion piece that offers several different kinds of insight: a reminder of how supply and demand work in capitalist societies, a lesson in politics, and the most important question about global warming.

What’s the most important question? Assume for a moment that global warming is real and that it’s caused by human activity. What should we do about it? There are two possible strategies. One is to try to control climate change. The other is to endure it and, where possible, mitigate the effects. The second option certainly sounds easier, requiring fewer resources which could be applied to other pressing problems.

Everybody has problems. Every nation has problems. Humanity has problems. In all cases, you can’t solve all your problems at once. There’s a finite amount of time and energy. You have to prioritize and pick your targets.  I’m not convinced that solving the global warming problem is more important than eliminating global poverty (for example). Some people like to pretend that we can do it all and that there is no need to prioritize our problems. They need to grow up.


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