The Land Of Hypothetical Issues

I enjoy reading Megan McArdle. But Megan’s on vacation and has arranged for several substitute bloggers to sit in for her. They’re good, but they’re not Megan. Having said that, let me commend this post by Conor Friedersdorf. This concerns the abortion debate and where it might head in the future. Conor’s assertion is that the debate may disappear due to technology. It may become possible to perform an abortion without killing the fetus. Think about it.

I suspect that Conor is right – I’m just not sure about the time frame. Changing technology has already created many new ethical issues – it would be nice to see technology make one go away. Ethical issues arise due to circumstances. The circumstances may change and the issues many diminish in importance, but the issues still remain, even if only hypothetically. But wouldn’t it be great if the huge “abortion debate” was relegated to the Land of Hypothetical Issues?


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