Pragmatic Incoherence

The blogosphere is full of people pointing out that our three contenders for the Presidency have incoherent energy policies. While it certainly seems that way, we must remember that all three have pretty good track records of getting elected. They must understand something I don’t, and it concerns getting elected. Face it: a lot of voters don’t care about policy at all and a lot of others care about only a thin sliver. Senators McCain and Clinton must calculate that there are at least some voters who will be enthusiastic about a “gas tax holiday”. No one is going to vote for Senator Obama on the basis of his position – it’s just not that big of an issue in the larger scheme of things. But his position does get air time. I imagine that all three are taking stands and raising points on a most pragmatic basis – getting elected. If the more thoughtful among us find it incoherent, we should recognize it for what it is: pragmatic incoherence.


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