Ignorance, Abundance, Skunks

I believe that the two greatest problems confronting humanity are economic illiteracy and cultural (usually religious) primitivism. Imagine my delight in finding a great essay by Brink Lindsey which bolsters and clarifies my thinking. It’s easy to get sucked into a bleak outlook, but Mr. Lindsey highlights a lot of positive stuff. We are in an age of incredible abundance and attitudes are getting better. Still, I am constantly reminded by politicians that it’s ours to lose and that they’re just the guys and gals to toss it away. Economic illiteracy is epidemic among Democrats and cultural primitivism is epidemic among Republicans. Those of us in the great Libertarian middle (as Lindsey describes us) are always left with choosing the skunk that doesn’t smell quite as bad. But read the Lindsey article – he’s decidedly more upbeat than I am today!


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